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Adam Shutsa

VP, Design
I have a passion for all things design; web, mobile, industrial, architecture, everything. Oh, and food, I love food. Om nom nom.

Akbar Nurlybayev

Mobile Team Lead
All things mobile, with special interest in smart phone camera.

Alessandro Dallafina

Experienced visual and digital designer, specialized in creating cutting-edge web, mobile and infographics.

Alex Kim

Product Marketing Manager

Andy Yang

I'm all about GTD. I strive to live a simple, authentic life filled with laughter and love. Adore my wife who bore me two magnificent daughters.

Artem Lypiy

QA Lead
Click here for details.

Brian Wilson

Content Editor

David Charlec

iOS Team Leader
When I’m not typing on my keyboard, I’m most likely taking photos, developing film, playing guitar, cooking or watching a TV show.

Dustin Plett

VP, Business Development
Skateboarding keeps me sane. Love working out. Live for adventure. Always appreciating life's simple pleasures.

Evgeny Tchebotarev

CPO, Co-founder
I strive for excellence in design and life. In other news, I'm a photographer, designer, beginner kite surfer, motorcycle rider. Exploring life, one heart beat at a time.

Gheorghita Bordianu Catalin

Director of Engineering
Professional troublemaker, student of life.

Hailey Adams

Head of Operational Excellence
I'm a country fan with a love of food and a severe sweet tooth. If I'm not listening to music by the lake or playing with my dog Maple, I'm cooking up some cupcakes.

Heather Balmain

Content Editor
I use my 14 years of experience to edit Markeplace submissions. I have a serious love for coffee (I'll drink it anytime, anywhere) and my little scruffy mutt, Molly.

James McKay

Creative Services Account Manager

Janet Kwan

Content Editor
I look at photos for the 500px Marketplace. Lifestyle photographer of weddings and food. Food enthusiast all the time.

Jun Luo

Mobile Team Lead
Resident metaphysician

Kaitlyn McLachlan

Lead Product Manager, Community
A developer turned product manager. Love photography and sports - Ultimate anyone?

Keith Kim

Senior Software Developer

Kelly Thompson

VP, Marketplace
I love getting to hang at the intersection of technology and design.

Kevin Martin

Senior Software Developer
A real fan of owls.

Laura Stanley

Manager of Creative Services

Lorena Scott

VP, Operations
Bit by the entrepreneurial bug and never looked back. Driven by a passion for making the world a better place, long runs, playing tag with my kids, and a great cup of coffee.

Maryna Bilousova

QA Analyst
In Bugs we trust, all else we test.

Michael Tighe

Web Developer
I collect spores, molds, and fungus.

Natalie Gregg

Inside Sales Rep
I'm passionate about connecting with people and seeing the world. Happiness is… the pursuit of lifelong learning, a great workout, Doritos and Fitzgerald.

Olga Stsiazhyna

Creative Services Account Rep

Paul Liu

DevOps Developer
Develop, test, deploy, monitor, panic.

Renat Gataullin

Director of R&D
Enjoy aha moments, sailing, physics and motorcycles.

Zimu Liu

Web Team Lead
Enjoy coding, problem solving, and building handy hardwares. Focus on details and best user experience. A big fan of travelling and photography.
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Five Fun Facts

168 cameras
That's an average of over 3 cameras per team member.
Dogs over cats
An overwhelming 75% of us call a dog their best friend.
1,000lbs of coffee
That's 25lbs of caffeinated beans per 500pxer per year.
14 languages
With people originating from 6 different continents.
1 ping pong table
Where battles are waged and champions are formed.