Community Guidelines

500px is committed to building a safe, inclusive, and helpful
community for everyone to share their love for photography.

Express yourself

Share your best work

PX doesn’t just stand for pixels, it also stands for personal expression. Great visual art is the result of having the vision, drive, and tools to bring a personal vision to life. 500px was created to be a home for that personal vision—those unforgettable moments that we want to share with the world.

Never stop learning

500px is a home for all those interested in visual art, both creators and consumers, regardless of skill level. We all strive to be better at our craft, and we can all benefit by learning from each other. Artists evolve. Your greatest image is the one you haven’t taken yet.

Inspire greatness

Our favorite images surprise, delight, inspire, and challenge us. They show us a new way of looking at the world. So think big, be bold, and try something new. Surprise us and delight yourself.

Celebrate visual creativity

Embrace photography in all its forms

Whether you shoot with a DSLR, mirrorless camera, smartphone, or any other device, you can and should share your work on 500px. Our community respects your creative vision no matter what device you used to capture it.

Recognize and reward quality work

Great creative work should be recognized and rewarded. Praise the work you love, share it with your friends through social media, and connect with the photographers you admire most.

Respect others

Do no harm

We strive to keep 500px safe and inclusive for all, and we do not support harming others in order to create. We reserve the right to take down imagery that causes or depicts violence or harm, or exploits those who have not given or cannot give their permission.

Support each other

500px is made up of photographers and photo enthusiasts who are all striving to improve. Meaningful feedback is enthusiastically encouraged, constructive criticism is welcomed, but abuse is unacceptable. We reserve the right to remove comments that are disrespectful or mean-spirited in order to foster a positive and uplifting community.

Respect copyright

You own your work. It’s 100% yours. It’s our job to help protect it. Because this is a community for personal expression, any work that is posted without copyright ownership will be removed.